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The Boundary Course

An Affirmation-Based Course to Gently Revolutionize Your Experience of Relationships

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The Boundary Course is designed to gently and affirmatively transform your experiences of your agency, your relationships, and your boundaries.


The Boundary Course is meant to be binged, with as much study as you'd give a show you're watching. At first, just let it wash over you. When the time feels right, you can return for a deeper study, but at first, simply approach the material with curiosity. 

Ask yourself "could this be true?" rather than pressuring yourself to change your life immediately based on this information. As you reflect on whether the material may be true, you'll naturally begin to implement the most resonant and easy parts of this boundary system. 

My guess is that you'll find yourself craving more understanding, and when that happens, The Boundary Course will continue to deliver.


With downloadable examples, worksheets, and audio affirmations, The Boundary Course offers the framework for an ongoing practice to deeply integrate boundaries. With this practice, you'll investigate blocks you have toward setting and holding your boundaries. You'll be empowered to add to your ongoing narrative about how your boundaries can be, without pressure to drop any part of your current narrative.


With the resource PDF on dealing with pushback, you'll have creative and connective examples at your fingertips, to show you exactly how to apply the material in The Boundary Course.


The Boundary Course is designed for curious minds, relationship fine-tuners, and lifelong learners. Is that you?

P.S. When you buy The Boundary Course (for only $33!) you'll immediately receive a code to gift it to someone else! Because this boundary love is too good to keep to yourself. 

A Unique Approach to Boundaries

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Now Part of The Boundary Course:

A Script to Break Up With A Narcissist

The situation:

You start dating someone and the connection is great.

But as time goes on (3 months, or 6 months, or 8 months) it starts to wear on you.

At first you tried to be empathetic.

You tried to be patient with the emotional outbursts, the mild (or severe) emotional manipulation, the upheaval when you accidentally crossed a boundary that was never clearly defined, their repeated crossing of your stated boundaries and agreements, the blame game, the who-has-it-worse game, and the general lack of responsibility this person seems to be taking for the experience they’re having in your relationship and their life. Whether or not you label this person a narcissist, you're not having fun when you try to explain yourself.

Your patience has worn thin. Every time you try to advocate for yourself, it ends up being about them somehow. You know it’s time to end things.

But the reason you’re ending things is the same reason you’re afraid of ending things.

How can you have a productive breakup conversation with someone who has demonstrated that they are unable to show understanding for your point of view or your experience?

You feel trapped because, although you know you’re emotionally mature and are ready to have an amicable split, you can’t count on the other person meeting you there. You predict (from reliable past evidence) that they will resist the breakup, try to change your mind, push your boundaries, and distort the story of the breakup to your mutual friends.

You know it’s time to end it, but you dread how that conversation and the aftermath will go.

How long will you have to live in this limbo before it gets to be worse than your other two (bad) options??

What you really need is a script for how this can go down with as little drama as possible.

Do you want it?


I wrote a script for How to Break Up With A Narcissist. It has the exact words you can say, AND the reasoning behind those words, so that as you tailor this script to your situation you'll be sure to keep what works about it.

This script is now a BONUS you can only access when you buy The Boundary Course.

Honestly, this script alone is worth the $33 for the course, PLUS you'll get all the affirmations, love, and understanding The Boundary Course was designed to deliver.

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