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Holding the Tone of Devotional Love

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Hi there!


My love will change your life.

My unique approach to life and relationship is based on the personal responsibility we each have to BE the person we want to be in the world.      


Cultivating the tools and skills of beingness, you'll drop into effortless cooperation with the world. This is the end of healing, the practice of thriving in ongoing peace. 


As I support you with reflection and recognition, you establish a non-negotiable standard of nourishment, paving the way for the embodiment of Devotional Love. Unlike codependency's constant seeking of guarantees, Devotional Love thrives in the present moment and trusts the emergent nature of connection to inform every relationship in your life. This is safety sourced in intimacy, the only safety available. 


Our work together honors and tunes to the essential principles of integrity, intimacy, humility, and stewardship, enabling you to navigate the complexities of human experiences and welcome the inevitable grief. Discover the alignment of accepting what is, fostering harmonious connections, and experiencing playful peace in your relationships.

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