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Holding the Tone of Devotional Love

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Hi there!


My love will change your life.

It sounds like a bold claim, I know. But time and again, I get reports of it happening.

Devotional Love is a force we can apply in any circumstance to shift our own experience, and therefore the reality of the circumstance.


My unique approach to life and relationship is based on the personal responsibility we each have to BE the person we want to be in the world.      


Cultivating the tools and skills of beingness, you'll drop into effortless cooperation with the world. This is the end of healing, the practice of thriving in ongoing peace. 


As I support you with reflection and recognition, you establish a non-negotiable standard of nourishment, paving the way for the embodiment of Devotional Love. Unlike codependency's constant seeking of guarantees, Devotional Love thrives in the present moment and trusts the emergent nature of connection to inform every relationship in your life. This is safety sourced in intimacy, the only safety available. 

You'll learn how to have boundaries, which is SO much more than saying "no." Great boundaries are the art of saying "yes, thank you, Something Like This."


Our work together honors and tunes to the essential principles of integrity, intimacy, humility, and stewardship, enabling you to navigate the complexities of human experiences and welcome the inevitable grief. Discover the alignment of accepting what is, fostering harmonious connections, and experiencing playful peace in your relationships.

I'm Hannah Aline Taylor, 

and I'm Loving You

Is Devotional Love your mission and purpose in life?
I made it mine ten years ago, and for the past five years I've been refining real techniques, practices, and strategies for delivering this love into the hearts of the ones I have close to me.
For the past five years, I've been guiding clients 1:1, curating small group experiences, and revising courses, all for the purpose of infusing the tone of Devotional Love into all our imperfect human lives. 
This way of being has a proven track record. Miracles of relationship abound.

I speak of strategies, yes, there are actual scripts via which this love can be conveyed.
But the strategies don't get you there. 

I speak of practices, yes, there are so many practices for coming into alignment with self and reflecting with clarity to the other,
But the practices don't do the work.

I speak of techniques, yes, exquisite and precise techniques which are teachable and learnable, which actually clarify understanding between people. 
But your technique could never be good enough. 

The thing that gets you there, the way the work happens, the essence of worthiness that inspires your confidence in love and relationships, it's something you already have. 

It's the Devotional quality that makes it Devotional Love.

You've never been able to abandon this. You've been following its threads and whispers all your life. 
Unfortunately, you can learn the strategies, practices, and techniques in packages without this essence, from those who are not embodying the essence, and to that knowing inside you, it sometimes rings a little false. 

Yet, you bring in their strategies, you practice as they say, you sharpen your technique, and it brings miracles into your life. It does this because of this essence of yours. It does this because of your Devotional Love.  

It has, anyway. You spent years actively working on this, seeing massive results. You've changed so many things about your life and your way of being. You've gotten free in so many ways. You've witnessed your own projections, you know how to see the structures of your beliefs. 

At some point, something shifted. 
Like you started to run on sand. 
Your steps weren't getting you that far anymore. 
You looked around, and all the "help" was way back where you came from. 

I call this the post-transformational space. We don't need to knock transformation. Lord knows, I needed it. 

That house needed renovation. 
We needed to go to the mine to retrieve the stone. 
I needed to learn to shut up for five seconds and listen to other people. (And SO many other things.)

But now--what furniture shall we arrange how in this lovely home? What traditions of love will we host here?

How can we fall in love with the slow, ongoing process of polishing that stone--not dwelling on the mine nor forgetting it--how can we accept the ever-gentling passing-over, and over, and over, again of these same parts of our treasured inner landscape? 

How can I cultivate the beingness of curiosity and unknowing, radiating permission for others to show me all of who they are? 

How do I hold myself accountable to looking with loving eyes on all my loved ones reveal to me? 

How can I not only say the words that sound accepting, but how do I convey that I am intimate with them, in love with the way that they are as they are in front of me?

How can I cultivate deep peace in life, deep trust of life's offerings, how can I bring enthusiastic participation with me everywhere I go? 

How can I transcend the need to feel a certain way to show up in integrity for my community and my commitments? How can I feel how I feel and still show up palatable and true? 

When I know I have formed community and commitments which honor my holistic self-interest, what is my genuine excitement to participate, and how do I infuse my interactions with this refinement of Devotional Love? 

How would I feel in a life and community which was constantly reflecting Devotional Love back to me? 

Pillars of Devotion

My love, you are right about things.
You're right about the way things should be, the way people should love each other.
With the right people, you can live like they ARE that way.

With the right people, you can live...

Like the truth is neutral and desirable.

Like the things that interest and excite you are important and relevant and well-received.

Like we hang out to have a good time together.

But all your life, out of the blue, your constants have shifted.

This alone is enough to make you blame yourself. To attempt whatever contortion the world might ask to put things right again.

The only sanity is in the idea that you might be the problem, because at least you have control of you.

Then there is the way they told you it was about you.

The way they couldn't face their own grief.

The way they lashed out at you when all the things it really was were too many to count, and you were nearby, oblivious to the pressures. Annoying in developmentally appropriate ways.

Some part of your most urgent attention is always attuned to the ways in which you might be a problem, the way you might solve for it ahead of time, avoid a consequence which is actually a happenstance, a powderkeg waiting on a spark.

Some part of mine used to be, too.

Here in my town I watch children raised with respect, and I could wallow in grief forever, the child in me, what I expected and did not receive, or I can learn to receive that respect.

I can go on a walk with my family, and let everyone know I'm only 5 years old that day, and I receive reparenting, even more than I have done for myself. Not as a burden, as a game!

As a gift, to them as much as me.

They get to parent me. They get to love me, and that's the enthusiasm they bring.

We all bring it, to each other.

Once upon a time I wondered, what would it be like if we greeted other adults the way we will greet a random baby or child on the street? With eye contact and a big smile, an open heart, HELLO, MY DARLING, LOOK AT YOU! You are wonderful, welcome to the world.

Now I don't wonder, I feel the deliciousness of a community oriented to loving each other.

With this tendency humans have, to marvel at small things, at pure potential, we all get a taste of what it can be like. We have all been babies in public. We get to know what it is to be held in awe and esteem. To be praised for existing, to be admired in our beingness, even as we scream and cry.

We get it early, it is in our cellular memory, part of our most formative experiences. Growing up can sadly be a process of losing it altogether.

We get it from strangers, and sadly it can feel scarce in our own homes. When it comes from strangers but not from your closest caregivers, how can you help but draw the conclusion that anyone who *really* gets to know you might discover you're unlovable?

It is not your business if people in your past who had the rare privilege to love you squandered it in their practice of resenting maintenance and responsibility.

It is not your business that they were too overwhelmed to love you, it is not your business why.

It is your business to find the ones who know the privilege it is to love you and embrace it as yet another sacred privilege of responsibility they get to enjoy.

It is your business to believe in those who maintain through pleasure and play and can't imagine making anything a chore, but especially not you.

It is a pleasure to delight in how you are.

It is a pleasure to love you.

Imagine never second-guessing that. Imagine cultivating a community that reminds you all the time.

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