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In martial arts, there is a saying,

"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

My clients create "results" quickly because our process slows them all the way down to now, which is the only possible time anything can happen.

We get aligned with an intentional tonal orientation to what is *really here now,* and that practice allows them to open their receiving, dropping the distraction of "waiting" and "creating" practices which are based in not-having.

When you are slow with you, the process is smooth, and then it feels like what you wanted for so long is coming FAST.

This is the real transition, the real magic--finding the beingness that you associate with the havingness, finally allowing havingness to be your beingness.

This sounds vague because it is incredibly nuanced and specific. The practical applications to your unique situation are just that, unique, and incredibly practical.


They are things to DO, (not just an endless list of things to "not-do" which is literally delusional and impossible) there are actions, practices, habits to cultivate, and a disposition to choose and tend each day.


There is a perfect balance of maintenance and entropy that you can apply to your life to experience ease, peace, and safety.

If you want to apply this as a practice to your life, one session with me will gift you with implications and applications to ponder for the next several years. Our long-term work together will help you land these practices in your body and life with gentleness and love, not to mention maximum efficiency.

I promise, you are worthy of this now, and the thing you are waiting for is not a thing, but a practice of waiting. You are sure to end up acting now, whenever that happens to be.

The work begins with booking a single session. If you desire to continue our work together, the cost of the session ($330) will apply as a deposit on any long-term Intuitive-Unlimited container beginning within 30 days. These containers are available in 3, 6, and 12 month terms, and offer you the ultimate flexibility to meet when and how you want, and to receive support between sessions. 

The base cost of these packages is $1400/month, reduced according to the term-length of your package. 

What is Intuitive-Unlimited?

A mentorship container with me is a meta-experience, in that the way you get to BE in our relationship is how you're learning who you want to be, and how you *get to be,* in every other area of your life. That means that our work together honors you as the sole authority, while I merely facilitate your relationship to that authority.


It means that our work does not treat you as someone who needs help, or me as a necessary helper, but instead honors that we are in an emergent relationship in service to you, centering and refining your experience. The practice of being in this emergence together is the template you come to me to receive, when you have a knowing that I am the practitioner for you. 

The container is Intuitive in that I trust you to know what you need. You may reschedule, cancel, be late, adjust the time, adjust the platform, and otherwise tune our meetings to your luxury and delight with no shame or consequence. This is a model for the abundant boundaries required for Devotional Love, the way true collaboration does not rely on rule and enforcement, the way trust and respect may replace any and all preformed agreements. 

The container is Unlimited in that you are finding your own inner limits for receiving. I trust you to calibrate your consumption to your learning speeds, preferences, capacities, and availability. I trust that every session will leave you brimming with possibilities, in a peace free of undercurrents, and that my availability will be more than enough to serve your capacity.


I remain within the scope of my service to you, as a friendly and accessible channel of a source to which you are unconditionally connected. Externally imposed limits are unnecessary, we come together according to our mutual availability and our desire to be in connection, and this practical example ripples softness, surrender, and sovereignty throughout the rest of your life and relationships. 

I am here for those who are interested in internal and lifestyle  refinement 

You have already polished off your rough edges. 

You can see your projections, you can do all the work. 

What you need now is an upgraded template.

A template tuned to luxury and abundance

yet one which honors the savage realities of being human,

being intimate with life.

Rather than healing from life, working on life, or even getting off on life,
devoting to your holistic experience of your life, and noticing the way this infuses your external relationships with softness, graciousness, vulnerability, tenderness. 

Not to sit in ceremony, not to gather at festivals, not to bliss out,

--though you should, you should--

To look your neighbor in the eye.

To find common ground before trying to get someone to walk with you.

To collaborate in lighthearted creativity, because you deserve the focus and relaxation of a mind simply engaged with the delights and challenges of being alive. 

Everything you picked up was necessary

as it is now necessary to put some things down, away in storage, because you fixed the roof RIGHT, and it isn't likely to leak. 

What does it mean to live in that safe house you fixed up from what you inherited? 

What does it mean to put away the tools and choose the furniture, how do you select and receive your guests?

When you tidy, it's not from a construction project. The quality is gentle and devotional. There is nowhere to get, nowhere else to go. You are home. 

Now what?

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