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Something Like 

Discernment through Appreciation

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90 minutes to delight in devotion

Something Like This

The Emotional-Kinesthetics of Surrendering to Love's Embrace

This 90 Minute workshop is here to offer you the embodied template and tone of being surrendered in safe loving relationship.


This is a posture you can curate and maintain while single and dating, while relating with every single person in your life, one which feels empowering, easy, and secure. 

Something Faithful

Belief Systems and Real World Practices

So much of the relational landscape is based in scarcity, lack, fear, complaint, criticism, and the overall orientation to the idea that belonging, as I am, is impossible. People claim to have trust issues, but trust is about whether you'll get the resource or not.

Faith is a matter of whether the resource exists at all. 

Something Focused

Investing your sacred, finite, Time, Energy, and Attention

Something Like This is about learning to discern Signal vs noise.

These are the attentional metrics required to show you what you want in life, learning to see some of it in every moment because ever after is just three here-and-nows in a trench coat.

With this strategry, you release attention and energy on anything unworthy of your experience via the PLACEMENT of attention on an experience you value.

This is the way to precise and gracious receiving of what is on offer, and the subconscious filtering out of what, of what is on offer, is not for you.

Something For You

Not for others, for YOU

This will make you an exquisite lover. 

Not for them, for you.

For what happens, the miracles of experience which await you when your life's focus is consumed by love, and your love's focus is on safety, respect, understanding, generosity, nourishment, and stability.

Something Unique

Your Unique Prosperity

Dropping away other definitions of wifehood, spouseship, partnership, tHE fEmiNiNE, success, wealth, the masculine, family, getting clear on the exact way you do it, based on how you delight to show up to your current life right now. 

Homing in on the way the beingness of full participation looks on you, calling all your best-fit loves home to your love. 

Something Generative

Harmony Doesn't Require Much Energy

A devoted partnership, a relationship in harmony and peace, requires very little energy and attention. It's two adults living alongside each other.

Its thriving actually depends upon having energetic OUTLETS, because the partnership itself generates energy and operates so efficiently that there is creative potential available at all times. 

This is something incompatibility clouds us from understanding. Incompatibility has led to relationships which consume energy. Navigating compatibility requires us to know how to wield the energy we GAIN from generative partnership. 

The energy gained through partnership is energy best spent in our immediate community, allowing partnership to be context for LIFE, for a full village, a happy family, blessed business endeavors, devotion in every iteration. 

Something Like This is the way to tune your relationships through attentional practices that ripple through every relationship in your life, and every experience you have of what life offers you. 

Don't miss out, you deserve Something Like This.

Sign Up For a LIVE Workshop

90 minutes to delight in devotion

90-Minute Workshop

Something Like This is a dating strategy I can deliver to an individual in about 20 minutes and revolutionize their experience of dating ever-after. In this 90 minute workshop, you not only receive my expertise, you'll be exposed to the examples of other participants, rounding out your understanding of how to apply this information, in dating and beyond, and what of it doesn't apply for you. 

Teaching AND Coaching

This is a workshop where you will be using your voice, sharing your thoughts, and receiving targeted coaching. I'll be teaching intricately nuanced concepts and practices you can apply to your life right now, and if you don't know how, you'll have time to ASK. 

Results in your BODY

Can changing how you think about dating change how you feel? It has for me. Now that I know how to place my attention, where to place my trust, how to use my imagination to serve me, dating is easy, surrendered bliss. My body is relaxed, intuitive, intelligent, my mind dwells on my delights. In this practice, dating is deprioritized, as I recognize love right here and now all around me. 

Stay Connected

Those who show up on this call will be invited to an exclusive private facebook group just for attendees of this workshop. Keep in touch with each other and with the thread of Devotional Love, receive qualified support in your new posture of dating and partnership. 

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Do you wish you could be part of Something Like This, but get the sense the group isn't for you? 

30 minute 1:1 templating

Timing is Everything

If you don't see a workshop that fits your schedule, please use this form to request timing that suits you. 

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