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Psst... You're not supposed to do it all alone. 

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Working With Me

I am not interested in helping you feel better.


What I do is help you feel.


Because you deserve to have help with it.


Because maybe no one taught you the safe expression of this emotion.


Because maybe you were punished for this emotion or experience and you've never understood why.


Because you deserve to be loved in that place that has always felt so overwhelming.


Where you don't know what to do and you keep running into the same illusions masquerading as basic truths:

That you have self-worth issues, or daddy issues, or unhealed wounds, or toxic patterns. Illusions of unwholeness, of flaw.


You've had labels of unwholeness applied to some of your most brilliant moves and adaptations, creating villains out of yesterday's heroes.

This is the fundamental stage for self-love. Committing to seeing the self as the genius, and developing a value-system from there, from that gut level instinct and relentless commitment to investigation. Letting anything that isn't ON drop away entirely.


Experiencing your fundamental goodness and lovability.


Willing to love everything, willing to face everything. It is a willingness to grieve. There is much emotion to move, and you're going to find the way that feels the yummiest to you.


And I'm going to be there to help you let it feel good.


You're going to be turned back and back again to your self, to the goodness and rightness of your self. Your intuition will lead you from there, and you will know exactly how to follow. 


I will hold a pillar of your lovability, your rightness, the understanding that you deserve. You will learn to be this pillar from my example, as you were designed to learn it from another human being transmitting it from and through their entire being for you and only you.

You were meant to have an entire tribe to do this for you. That's what we are here to remember.


My clients get an entire embodied template of self-love.  A new operating system. We build it through seeing others through love and seeing self through love at the same time, eliminating enmity and competition altogether.


Feeling into a solid and steady structure and system of love and nourishment, a brand new standard for how life feels, Finding what's acceptable and what's a deal breaker. Radically respecting sovereignty and allowing for the distance required to feel the pleasure of the connection.




Original sin: the thought that there is something wrong with me.


You were meant to have someone there all along, to show you your wholeness, your holiness, your devotion.

- Hannah

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This  is the ultimate individual-coaching/mentorship experience; Operating System is the upgrade for your inner world.

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This is for men who are ready to artfully carry themselves and their relationship, and artfully not carry their partner. In this group men learn to lovingly transform double standards, demand, and disrespect to create a new paradigm of relationship in their lives.

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Without quality support, it’s easy to lose sight of either production or quality of life. Tunneling into the workaholic mode, as the fundamental joys of life pass you by, shaming and judging yourself the whole time you’re stealing away some “relaxation.” Let me help.

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This is for women who are ready to find new, easier, and more effective ways of communicating what they want in relationships and actually receive it. No more exhausting conversations that don't return on the energy they drain.

You are meant to learn love in connection.