When You Need It Just Right

Witnessing you in your experience is a precious gift.

Not everyone considers it a gift, but that doesn't mean it isn't one, or that it doesn't deserve to be treated like one.

You have the option to save your expression of your experience for those who can fully receive you exactly how you want to be received. Even if you don't know how you want to be received; your most tender truths deserve and require the very most care.

It's so tempting, when we love someone, to believe that their love will care for us unconditionally. But even if the love is unconditional, it may not come in the way your specific tender experience needs it to come, especially experiences that are just beginning to come to the surface. You deserve to feel absolutely safe in your tenderest places. This isn't about keeping anyone out, this is about curating your environment so that you are fully received and you have the best possible experience of showing your tender places. As you gain practice understanding how you want to be received, and the elements that make you feel safe, you can make specific requests of the people you love to create that safety with you, and you can maintain your safety while sharing those truths with the ones you love.

The coaching relationship is one-sided. All of my energy and attention is on you, on caring for your experience.

If something in your experience triggers an experience for me, I am well-resourced enough to suspend that in order to stay with you. This is not something that ordinary people in life can reasonably be expected to do for their loved ones, especially not every single time, like we need it when we're healing.

Even though it's a skill I have developed over many years, it's still *really* hard for me to do this with the people closest to me, the relationships that I rely on. This is *why* it's important to pay for professional love in this way. You have a space entirely devoted to you, your comfort, and your safety. As you begin to open, those brand new bits may not quite be ready for the varying temperatures of the world, for all that may befall them on the mean streets. That's ok. With the right nurturing from you and from professionals, those parts of you can gain courage and resilience and will eventually be ready to face the world on their own.

There's no rush. This happens in perfect timing.

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