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We All Must Take Our Power

You cannot demur your way to your personal power.

You cannot go around saying that someone else has it. That it is a feature of the system, that it will be forever out of reach until there is some change OUT THERE.

Here is what is true for every single human: they have to claim their power.

Some have it handed to them.

Some only need to reach a small distance for it.

Some crawl to it through grief.

Some have it taunted from them.

Some have it beaten out of them.

The hills we have to climb are not and could never be equal, and changing systems, wanting to change systems, is a natural and necessary drive that comes through these challenges. Actions on this drive shift the balance delicately over time. It looks far from delicate while it's happening.

Nonetheless–no one can give your power to you.

The one it is handed to must take it.

The one who only must reach, must reach.

The one who must crawl must keep going.

The one who is taunted must own all their shadows.

The one who is beaten must grow strong.

From there, they all must claim it. Wield that power. Learn it and use it with holistic self-interest.

The challenge this presents to any human cannot be estimated or understood, it cannot be quantified or compared. This is a challenge with such a rich and varied context that it would take living that lifetime to begin to understand it.

The challenge lies partly in finding your power, but largely in *taking it.*

And here is one of our collective challenges, as the conversation about power turns against power; we have to battle for our personal power against the collective belief that having power is evil.

We have to resist the lure of victimhood, the spotlight and nurturing attention victimhood demands, the idea that something out there that's doing harm needs to be stopped.

We have to acknowledge that the attention on victimhood IS a type of power. As victimhood is lauded–

the victim gains a type of power–

yet that power depends on their refusal to acknowledge they are wielding it. It depends on the assertion that wielding power is wrong. That those in power do harm, that if I assume power I become a harmer, that I produce victims.

It's only another trap, the one I fall into when I don't want the blame for creating my life–when I see that something is wrong with my life rather than all that is right with it.

It is for each of us to claim independent power. Sovereignty. It is for each of us to claim the power that cannot be diminished by an outside force. Only those with this power can hope to shape the outside forces.

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