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There is Safety Here for You

My love, there is safety here for you.

Sacredness for your being.

For how slowly she wants to go. For how sweetly and gently she wants to be held, for how she doesn't want to be touched right now. For exactly how she does want to be touched and no other touches.

There is safety here for you. Your feelings are real and your experience is real. You do not need to be more in your body or less in your head, you are always in the perfect equilibrium for the moment; your body is bringing you where you need to be in her own sweet time.

There is safety for you here, love. Your mind is strong and trustworthy. If you lived your life from your head you would live a well-led life.

There is safety here for you love. You can take all the time that you need. I will remind you of what is real any time you ask me and I will not tell you what reality is when you don't ask me. My story of reality will not change. I do not need to tell you that others are bad or wrong or projecting or in an altered state or not in their body when they tell you something is wrong here. You know when something is wrong and when it is not. That voice will never abandon you, and neither will I.

No matter how you argue with it or bypass it or write it off or stuff it down, that voice will be with you, and so will I.

There is safety for you here, love. Any time you want it, as many times as you want it. As many times as you flirt with danger, that is how many times you may return to me--plus one.

You are the prize. You are the gift, you are the gem. You are the entire fucking package, and you will have to fight for yourself. I wish it could be another way, but this fight will make you strong. You are the prize. You set the rules, you decide the game. Your body tells you what is comfortable and what is not, and you will learn by ignoring her.

You will know what is your intuition by what happens when you ignore it. This is how it must be.

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