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The Genius and the New Rules

I’m here to help you understand the new rules—the rules of the game you transcended yourself into.

Many of us grow up in punishing conditions. The rules of the game are that you lose.

Many of us find a way to win at that game anyway. We numb our emotions, we disassociate and plow ahead, we lash out and fight foes real and imagined, we learn not to trust.

These behaviors eventually get us to a place where there is no more threat. From that cushy spot, we examine these behaviors and find them faulty. Toxic. Unhealthy.

The way they wreak havoc on a life of safety, it’s no wonder we resent and judge them.

It’s easy to forget that these behaviors were the incredible genius that saved us from so many impossible situations, that allowed us to thrive beyond unwinnable games.

But when we can understand this genius, we automatically begin working with it, in a devotional service relationship. Serving the genius and enabling the genius to serve us.

This can be somewhat challenging. It requires accessing this genius, understanding it, and then coaching it to understand that it has created a new playing field with new rules.

Not that it needs to create this new field, but that it already has.

All the genius needs is to know and believe the new rules. When the genius understands the rules, it takes over and creates prosperity within the limits of that container.

The life you have now is the prosperity allowed by the limits your genius was raised to understand.

The limits are different now, precisely because your genius has made you so prosperous.

When your genius understands the new limits, you’ll reach new heights of prosperity in every dimension.

I’m here to help you understand and trust that.

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