The Bias About Following

It's cracking me up a bit, the people who are struggling to see beyond their bias about following, asking me about each bit of agency and power the follower exhibits and asking me "isn't that actually leading?"

No. It's still not leading. It's powerful. Your bias tells you that power is only available to a leader. It's ok, we were all programmed to see it this way.

Destroying our understanding of following was essential to our oppression--oppression is a system where no one is free.

If our understanding of following was intact, we would be incredibly difficult to dominate. By recoding our minds to understand that following IS subjugation, the dictators have protected themselves from our understanding of their limitations. And doomed themselves along with us.

Exalting the power of following is all I can think to do in the face of this cycle playing out over and over again.

Attributing power to following keeps us within our locus of control, circulating our energy rather than wasting it. Having a real impact with the energy we expend and experiencing our influence and agency.

This is an exponentially empowering experience--if you feel a thrill of fear considering it, you're getting it.

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