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Sifting Flour

Certain bakers swear by the technique of sifting flour.

It's funny because the flour that goes in is the same flour that comes out.

Nothing about the flour is different.

But it's rearranged, changed nonetheless. It behaves differently, interacts differently with the other ingredients.

This is the receiving I like to call re-sieving. An allowance—"you may pass through me and emerge refined." Unchanged yet brand new.

The contract—this will be enjoyable for me or I won't play. This is a one-way rearrangement; I will not budge to accommodate your clumps. (Even this feminine sieve has a polarity, the masculine structure, the feminine emptiness, a delicate grid at risk to collapse out of its integrity.)

The feminine receives without holding. The re-sieving is the alchemical interaction which transforms what is received while leaving both actors fundamentally unchanged.

Ill treated, the mesh collapses and the re-sieving stalls. There's a buildup, a holding, the need for intentional release.

Integrity is a structural term—right relationship, all the way down.

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