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Lately linear time has been slipping out of relevance to me. It had to, it was producing dissonance in my life.

Here is one facet of this:

When you're in communion with god, the Way, natural law, energetic fact, whatever you want to call it, (I'll just call it spirit for now) you're receiving information that does not respect linear time.

Many people feel pressure or panic mistaking this for instruction or imposing a human understanding of linear time and causality to it. For example, spirit says "you have to live your purpose." and you hear "I am obligated to do the behaviors of my purpose." But spirit was not giving a direction, spirit merely informs. You must, you will live your purpose, no other path is available. This is what you living your purpose looks like, spirit tries to remind you, and you spin out thinking there's something else to do.

Loosening my grip on linear time is required for reconciling that everything is always already but I must experience it moving in this direction at this speed. I'm getting information about what is, but I'm stuck in a chosen experience of distinction where I am capable of experiencing beforeness.

In fact, realizing information from spirit doesn't require time as a resource at all, it simply takes time for us to come to readiness. Readiness is the actual requirement we await, never a passage of time, certainly not a set period of time.

Hmm what to say about readiness? I guess I'll just say a string of words.









perfect timing

Once readiness is arrived, the information we got from spirit is realized. The progression and components of readiness always already include how we react to information from spirit.

This, too, is information, not instruction.

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