Perfect Reality

You will feel exhausted, depleted, and overworked as an empath or a healer unless you are in relentless agreement with reality.

This is the most delicate line I walk--helping others while at the same time trusting and deeply KNOWING that help is not required.

If I think help is required, I'm attached to whether the other person implements the "help" I've given them. Usually these helpful solutions are at odds with the current (unacceptable) reality.

When I know that reality is perfect, I know that there's no way that a solution won't show up. I can offer solutions from a place of detachment, and the solutions that I offer are in resonance with the current (acceptable) reality.

If reality is flawed, I'm undertaking the herculean task to shift reality.

If reality is perfect, I have the much easier task of shifting my (or another's) relationship to it.

Finally, if reality is flawed, I'm likely to worry about the person who is living in that unacceptable reality. I'll probably feel heavy, burdened by knowing they are in an impossible situation, and anxious, hoping they find a way out.

If reality is perfect, I can let go of the outcome as soon as we part ways. I know that the person isn't depending on me or on a solution appearing. I know that they will manage with grace, that reality will never deny them what they need, and it's not for me to judge or interpret that.

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