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My Boundaries With My Clients

My boundaries with my clients are almost entirely energetic, and that's working very well for me right now.

There's nothing my clients "aren't allowed" to do. No times they can't text me, no limit to how much they reach out, no rules about what they can say to me, no rules about cancelling or rescheduling appointments.

Instead, we stay in connection. They know that I will reply when I have space and time to do so. They know I will make adjustments to my schedule only as it suits me, and there's never really a conflict. It's almost always easy for me to change the time of our appointment to suit them, and I don't feel concerned that they don't respect my time.

When they reach out, a little or a lot, it is my job to hold my energy sacred, to only interact with a client when my entire attention and focus can be on THEM and I can do so with ease knowing that there is nothing a client *needs me* in order to handle. I highlight early and often the ways that my clients are already competent at supporting themselves, reaching for their resources, and making it through *every single thing* they have ever struggled with.

Ultimately, the reason I chose to do what I do is that it is joyful for me to support others. It doesn't feel like work. It blends seamlessly with my life. I'm often readily available to meet my clients in the moment they reach out, because I'm only pouring from my overflow *at all times.*

And rescheduling is easy when you know there's only divine timing.

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