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Is This Why You're Still Single?

Single women who really want a partner love telling you all they will NOT tolerate from a man.

Not realizing... that's why they're single.

Not because they need to be more tolerant.

Because they think a list of what they won't tolerate is a standard.

It's not. It's an orientation toward what they don't want. It keeps them seeing what they don't want. Their whole plan is to opt-out of relationships with misbehaving men, so they find misbehaving men, and they fulfill their plan to opt-out of relationship with them. The manifestation is *exquisitely reliable.*

They stay single because they don't have a standard for what healthy relationship DOES look like. They don't have a plan for how they'll respond when they find it. They don't know how to BE in that relationship.

Single women are gonna stay single as long as they have a resistance to what they know unhealthy relationship looks like. Resistance is a preservative force.


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