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Feel It

Getting really clear on what you want to see in the world is a great start.

Getting really clear about how you want to *feel* in the world is where the real magic shows up.

This is the space where boundaries become redundant. A lock on the home of the only person alive. This is the space where you don’t worry, not because it’s handled, but because you know there is no threat. This is the space where your energy is more efficient than words could ever be—that’s the true definition of magic. Your energy handles everything on your behalf because there is no separation, no part of you is wrong or unworthy.

The path to this looks nothing like this, just as a drive from New York to California will mostly look like states other than California. It seems like every day I talk to someone who sees Nevada out the window and becomes convinced they’ve made a wrong turn. I reassure them they’re on the right course. I provide sustenance for the journey, fuel for the car, and a safe space to rest in approval.

Whether we work together or not, you got this. You’re on the journey and nothing can stop you now.

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