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Come Into Allegiance With Yourself

Many of my friends have described that their lives have changed as a result of my presence.

This usually happens after a period of intensifying a connection, or as a result of our new connection.

I've had people I meet for the first time describe me as low, grounded, walking the walk, or in integrity.

I am in allegiance to myself. Relentless allegiance.

Whatever is happening within me, I'm a full yes to it. I am a yes to my desires and my cravings and my indulgence. I am a yes to my needs and my behaviors and my emotions.

I am also a yes to my tendency to deny myself. I am a yes to my self-judgment, my shitty behavior, my emotional repression.

This is what makes it relentless. Whatever is happening for me, I'm on board for it, on every level.

I own all of what I am and embrace all of what I am not. I don't identify as much of anything at all.

This is why intense exposure to me is a lifechanging experience for people who need this medicine.

The same way striking a tuning fork will make a nearby tuning fork resonate at the same frequency, the resonance and rightness I carry brings others into allegiance and alignment with themselves.

That's why it's hard to describe my individual coaching. That's why the word "coaching" has never felt like a great fit. I don't have a program or consistent "tactics." It feels like each client needs something different from me in order to receive the one thing they all come for.

For some clients it's concrete, strategic. It's behavior, narrative, thoughts, emotional expression. It's words to say to yourself and people in your life, boundaries to set, protections to release.

For other clients it's ethereal, magical. It's pure energy, metaphor, validation of their "crazy." I don't even always understand what's coming out of my mouth during those sessions, but that's fine by me.

Then there are those who seem to benefit the most from connection, love, friendship, and support. We just shoot the shit for basically the entirety of the session and I see and feel that they are more upright and inside of themselves at the end of the session.

I trust it all, now. The biggest mistakes I've made in this career have been the times when I tried to "get" a client somewhere, to help them create what they said they wanted or what I knew was coming for them. That is not and never has been my place. I'm not convinced it's anyone's place, including the client.

My most recent client has been collapsing old patterns left and right. We've only done the initial discovery and a single session, and I'm blown away by what this person has created. They said "yes," and it was like hitting the first domino in a lineup they've been assembling for literally years. My ego says I'm superfluous, but the energetic truth is that they were ready to resonate, and I'm providing the frequency. Our work is only beginning.

There's no goal I can promise you will achieve through working with me, and nothing you cannot create with this relentless allegiance to yourself. There's also nothing you can force or pretend about with this alignment in place.

All that is required of me is that I show up in my own relentless integrity and follow my clients to theirs. The groups I run also work like this. By the end of the first session, people who have described never experiencing belonging in groups are feeling it for the first time. The content of the group is almost beside the point when that's happening.

There is nothing righter than the way that you are. Not anyone's idea of what you should be, not what you were taught was "normal" or expected, not what "they" say is healthy.

There is nothing wronger than your rejection of the reality of you. Not any of your behaviors, none of your thoughts, none of your feelings. Whether it comes from you or you access it via listening to the judgments and projections of others, self-rejection is what's festering at the root.

My practice is open to you. I want you here, I want you close to me. I want to see you vibrate with the rightness of all that you are, and I want the privilege of witnessing that transform your life in unexpected ways. If you've been holding out for Follow School, know that all my individual clients get free access to a group program, so that's already baked in.

You don't have to wait. You don't have to strategize or plan or contort to get all your desires met. There is space for you now. It begins as soon as you say yes, even before you say it out loud to me.

Come into allegiance to yourself. It will change your life forever, not just create more looping intrusive thoughts about things you should do or ways to be better. You don't need to be triggered or face hard truths or open up more or set better boundaries. (And if you do need to, nothing can stop you.)

You only need to see clearly the perfection of what you are, and everything else falls into place.

I'd love to help you see it.

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