Carry Artist

Carry Artist is a group course for men. It's designed to help men artfully carry themselves and their relationship, and artfully NOT carry their partner.

I designed this course to be a space where men can get real about the double standards and unrealistic expectations they face in relationship.

In Carry Artist, men learn specific tools, strategies, and information to manage when their partner has more desire than them, when their partner has less desire than them, when they experience demand from their partner, and when they need to create space and time for themselves.

Carry Artist is founded on the understanding that men are important and valuable to society, to women as a whole, and especially to their romantic partner. A fully nourished man in his power and his heart is the greatest blessing a woman can experience.

Unfortunately, a lot of the ways we practice and speak about relationships is degrading and disrespectful to men and their value. It's true that there are men who have caused great harm to women, and I don't believe there is a woman out there who has not been harmed by a man. AND...

That is all the more reason for good men to understand the way they can be a blessing in a woman's life.

I spent years engaging in relational practices that were disrespectful to my man, as I clumsily found my way to the devotional love I KNEW I could experience. Now that I am in it, I am grateful for the fact that I learned, but I am still managing forgiveness for myself and the way that I have treated my partners in the past.

I always had the best of intentions, but what our culture coaches women to expect from men, what our music and art tells us love should look like, the depictions of marriage and long term relationships in tv and movies, are often misleading and harmful to men and therefore to the women depending on them.

In my personal life, I have learned the hard way about what happens when I treat the man I love with disrespect, when I demand from him, when I want him to fill the void within me. I'm still not perfect, but I have transcended many of these patterns and I bring my acceptance and approval of the whole journey into the teachings of this course.

This is for men who have advanced relating skills but still judge or shame themselves for the way they show up (or don't) in relationship.

This course is not 101.

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