Do you have trouble appreciating your man?

Exquisite providership is easy to ignore or miss entirely.

Exquisite providership is like fresh, clean, air. It is effortless to breathe, but it's not assertive. You have to notice it, it's not announcing itself.

Like air, sometimes you'll only notice it if the quality you're accustomed to is way lower.

But if you're expecting providership to feel like something powerful, you might miss it when it's there. Because all it feels like is contentment, things being right with the world, life being easy to live.

My partner has brought us for two weeks of luxury in Europe... but the crazy thing is--it doesn't feel all that different from our normal life. Celebrations aren't more special, in particular, than our day-to-day life, and I like it that way. It's a statement about how good things are, it's not a lack of effort from him. The standard is so high that raising it is pretty much unreasonable. We live luxury, love, and respect every day.

I can imagine earlier versions of myself chafing at this. Wanting love to have high highs, thinking something is wrong if I don't experience a ramp up in excitement or specialness every now and then.

But now I am in a relationship without lows, and I can see that it is not a plateau, it is not a lack of specialness, it is a consistent priority he's placing on me and on our connection.

Luckily, just in time, I became the woman who can appreciate what doesn't announce itself.

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