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Follow School

A Lower Education

This is The Follower's Guide to Greatness.

Leading is not the only important, influential, and powerful role in the cocreative dance of life.

In fact, leading depends on following, and great leaders are shaped by great followers.

We've been misinformed about following, taught a version of following which is actually oppression--obedience.

True following, following in its wholeness, following as an act of agency and sovereignty, is an art form.

It's one I sometimes fear we have lost altogether, and this course is my way to advocate for a dying art which, if revived, could truly save the world.

This is a course about relationships, and it's about so much more than relationships, because everything is relationship. Skill following the lead of my partner is skill following a world leader, a spiritual path, a value system.

All of it all rests on skill following myself, attuning to my own signs and signals, prioritizing my own experience.

Follow School is about learning the other side of creation, the quiet and unassuming force that holds the world together unnoticed.

It's easier done than said.

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