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Do you feel shame or anxiety about your productivity?

Are you worried you will never manifest your dream of a beautiful partnership or harmonious family?

Is it hard for you to stick to a schedule of regular exercise or movement?

Does it seem like others can crank out their work or creative projects smoothly, while you struggle?

Do you wonder if you are broken or fundamentally flawed because you are unable to produce work or creative projects with regularity?

Do you fear you will never manifest your biggest dreams, such as a healthy devotional relationship, or a thriving business?


This course may be for you.


The Feminine Cycle of Manifestation is for those of us who create beyond notions of linear time, steady progress, and goal-achievement.


Those who manifest using the Feminine Cycle do so because they are fundamentally cycling beings. And every phase of the cycle is absolutely essential to creation.


That’s why people who create with this cycle but don’t understand it often fail to manifest what they aim to manifest. There are parts of this cycle that leave those who understand progress as a linear progression believing that they have failed, right as they are about to succeed.

“Wait, does that mean that I might be creating with this cycle without knowing it?”


YES. Manifestation is not some magical event. Manifestation is the way that things become real. When I pour hot water over a tea bag, I am manifesting tea. Manifestation is simply intention + action = creation, and we are all doing it all the time.

If you are a cycling being, this is how you already create. There's not actually that much to learn, rather this will be a process of discovery, exploration, and understanding for what is already happening. That's why it works so quickly and effectively. 

Here are some signs you may be a cycling being and a cyclical manifestor: 

—You have times of great productivity and times of sloth, depression, or despondency

—Sometimes creation, work, relationships, adulting, seem effortless, at other times they seem impossible.

—You feel great stress when you are unable to produce, and shame and judge yourself for not being able to just get it done.

—You wake and sleep at different times when you have a say in your sleep schedule, sometimes rising early and retiring late, other times sleeping 9+ hours in a row.

—You feel like an introvert sometimes, and an extrovert other times.

—You feel hindered and constrained by plans that demand equal action every day.

—When you are unable to produce for 1-2 weeks, you often give up on the project you were working on, declare it a failure, and begin brainstorming something new.

—You wonder if anything will ever change.

—You are overwhelmed by feelings and experiences of lack, violation, burden, and loss.

—Your relationships have big emotional swings and you regularly fight, argue, or process with a partner if/when you have one. 

This course will guide participants to understand this cycle, to understand the common misunderstandings of the cycle, and to begin to use EVERY phase of the cycle and reap all of the gifts.


Everyone’s cycle is different, but as a baseline, this course explores the cycle of manifestation through the lens of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Both cycles have 4 phases and similar mandates at each phase.


The phases of the Menstrual Cycle are






The phases of the Feminine Cycle of Manifestation are






Just like it’s easy for those of us who bleed to value the time of ovulation when we look and feel hot and attractive over the bloat and malaise of PMS (luteal phase), it’s easy for us to value the receiving phase of creation over the wanting phase.


When we are out of agreement and understanding with the feminine cycle, we experience what might be delicious desire as painful lack, what might be pleasurable receiving as violation, what may be the glut of having as weighty burden, and what might be the gift of releasing as stinging loss.


Through understanding and knowing this cycle, we can know where to look for and how to accept the gifts and permissions of each phase of this cycle.


This course is structured as follows:


Before the course begins, you will receive a PDF workbook with information, daily practices, affirmations, and outlines.


After the first call, we will establish a group text via Signal (an app) where we can exchange texts and voice messages, check in about practices, ask questions, and share experiences.


Each 90 minute call begins with a live guided meditation, followed by check-ins, personalized coaching, and lessons that are tailored to the challenges of the group members. The call will end with a suggested practice, ceremony, or ritual to do during the following week.

Course Requirements:


  • You must have something you are frustrated, challenged, or struggling with trying to manifest. Something you keep thinking you're "ready" for but it somehow just doesn't show up, or doesn't show up how you envisioned it.

  • You must set aside at least 20 minutes each day for practices (if you already have practices, these will suffice, but if your current practices do not involve writing, I strongly suggest you add time for at least 20 minutes of daily writing.)

  • You must be willing to suspend your belief in what you have been taught about creating.

This course provides:

  • guided meditations to prepare you to deeply embody the information

  • a pre-call guide introducing the material of each session, daily practices, affirmations, and prompts.

  • a 90-minute live zoom call each week

  • practices and strategies for experiencing safety and growth in every phase of this cycle

  • information that you can apply to reclaim the powerful and influential aspects of feminine energy devalued or even feared by our culture

  • personalized, loving coaching tailored to you and your exact creational patterns

  • deep approval for you, your enormity, and your every desire and whim.

  • connection with women on a similar path

  • group chat for success stories and support in between calls

This course does NOT provide:

  • shame or guilt for how you are creating now or how you have created in the past

  • ways of bypassing emotions or experiences or "getting through" phases of the cycle

  • instructions for how your creation is "supposed to" look, feel, or be

  • pressure to conform to practices or homework

  • reasons why you are wrong or bad

  • labels that you are avoidant or anxious or otherwise flawed, broken, or failing to create

Program Components

  • Six 90-minute live zoom calls with personalized coaching for each participant-- $2,700 value

  • PDF guide with outlines, practices, affirmations, thinking and journaling prompts--$300 value

  • group text chat for live support and success-sharing between calls-- priceless


TOTAL: $3,000+


But this program is available for only $1200! 

Who Is This For?

This is for the woman who feels tired. Tired of trying. Tired of pressure to achieve. Tired of being corralled into a linear understanding of creation. Tired of repressing her emotions and pushing through.

This is for the woman who feels hope and despondency in equal measure. Hope that this time it will really happen, and despondency when it doesn't. This is for the woman who is ready to feel her own power to make any and every desire manifest in the world. This is for the woman wondering if it will ever happen for her, but unable to stop herself from hoping and believing that it will. 

This is for the woman whose frustration sometimes boils over--onto loved ones, colleagues, and collaborators, in ways she's not proud of, even if others never see it. This is for the woman whose anxiety about achievement causes her to be someone she knows she is not. To be short, impatient, frustrated, unsatisfied, or demanding. This is for the woman who knows she can have joy. This is for the woman who is ready to be at peace, to stop efforting so hard, to lean into her natural rhythms and finally fully approve of herself. 

This is for you if you want...
  • full self-approval

  • space for your enormity and emotionality

  • love for who you are, as you are

  • understanding of your needs, as they shift and change through your cycle

  • to feel secure in your creation and connected to your channel

  • approval and validation for your emotions and experiences

  • confidence in your magic, your intuition, and your worth

  • recognition of your value

  • a clear understanding of what is and is not reasonable for YOUR process of creation

  • clarity about how you create and why you create that way

Can you honestly say you're ready?


I am ready to explore my full power and potential.

I am ready to approve of what I need and nourish myself fully.

I am ready to infuse the world with my magic and draw all I want toward me.

I am ready to allow my manifestation to occur as an effortless result of my nourishment.

I am ready to see myself as the template for the right way of being.

I am ready to feel confident and clear about my decisions and my discernment.

I am ready to take action which is fully aligned with my being and my cycles.

I am ready to release myself from unreasonable expectations.

I am ready to have clarity about what I need and want and how it will come to me.

In this course I will receive...

  • Six 90-minute live zoom calls with personalized coaching for each participant --$2,700 value

  • PDF guide with outlines, daily practices,  and journaling prompts --$300 value

  • group text chat for live support and success-sharing between calls --priceless

That comes to a total of $3,000 in value! But the total cost is only $1200!

What might this really be worth?


I put this number on it, but think about what this group course could actually mean for you in your life...

What would it mean to be in resonant agreement with yourself as a cycling being?

What would it mean for you to experience approval for yourself in every phase of creation?

What would it mean for you to feel magical and influential in your creative process?

What would it mean for you to have full safety to show up with exactly what you have to offer, with no pressure to offer more or offer something better?

What would it mean for you to be free of pressure and shame, to know exactly how your creation is moving forward regardless of what the 3D reality shows? 


  • Do I have to be menstruating to be part of the group?

NOPE! Menstruation is a lens of exploration for this course, but people who do not menstruate are just as often cycling beings. This course is geared toward the cultural experience of womanhood, but if your gender identity is something other than "woman," there may still be a place for you in this group. 

  • I'm a busy bee, do I need to do homework?


I'm never going to shame you, judge you, or kick you out of a course because you didn't do practices or homework between calls. However, these practices are meant to be for you, meant to help you understand yourself and your process of manifestation. Practices are a deep signal to yourself of your commitment to yourself and your manifestation. Carving out 20 minutes per day for yourself and your practices could be a monumental step for you, and it is highly encouraged that you commit to yourself in this way.

  • Will you or the other participants judge me?


This group is a zone of approval and understanding. You'll find community and belonging here, guaranteed. The way you've been creating is the only way you've ever known, and everyone is coming to this group to have a brand new experience—there is tenderness and gentleness as we all always have more to learn.

  • Do I have to change a lot about myself and how I create to be part of this group?

No way! The transformation on offer here is the transformation that occurs when you come into resonance and agreement with what is already happening. If you are a cycling being, you are already using this cycle to create. The only thing that will change as a result of the material in this group is that you will stop fighting yourself and your natural process. You will stop trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Everything about your life will suddenly require much less effort and seem to contain much more bliss!

Do you have more questions? Get on a free 15-Minute call with me and ask away.

I am so looking forward to having you in the group, and if you still have questions, you can reach out to me at and we can email directly about this. Make sure you put Feminine Cycle in the subject line so I give your email priority!

Or, click below to get on a 15-minute *free* call to ask questions and determine if this group is right for you. 

These small group coaching experiences are dense, captivating, intimate, and transformative, and I love meeting the ones who are called to this profound experience.

Remember this course is a $3,000 value! But the total cost is only $1200

Hannah has been coaching women and men for years with loving understanding, permission, and approval. The environment of loving safety she creates is all you need for the transformation within you to finally manifest. 


Copyright © 2021 Hathaway Point LLC, All rights reserved.

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