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Devotional Love

Devotional love is the desire that arises from a state of fulfillment.

Energetic law is simple and finite. Natural law is simple and finite. Through observation of energetic and natural law, we understand a way to live that is more resonant than the cultural narrative we were given. Our cultural narrative does not prepare us for harmony with energetic or natural law. In part, this is natural law playing itself out. Something in humanity must play out resistance, enact its will. 
Something in humanity craves the security of a guarantee, a statement of their control and mastery of energetic and natural law. This craving for, seeking, and reliance on guarantee puts us in transactional relationships with ourselves and the world around us. Transactional relationships are about meeting needs, and guarantees that needs will be met. Nothing could be more at odds with natural law, and naturally this is unsustainable.
It's not only unsustainable, though. It teaches us to practice what IS sustainable. Transactional relationships require us to keep cleaning the transactional space, doing all that's in our power to assure the guarantee. As we practice the skills of exquisite transactional relating, we build the skills necessary to participate in devotional relating.

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