Hannah Aline Taylor
Spiritual Guidance for
Devotional Living  


Hi There, 

Chances are you came here because you saw my writing somewhere. Welcome. You were right--there's more to what I do than just writing. This is the place to learn about what it could be like for us to journey together. 

You were meant to learn love from other people. You were designed to have an entire supportive community facilitating your life, keeping you centered, grounded, and connected. 

Support and guidance are your birthright, and you can find that here. 

I'm Loving You, 


Working with Me
For the good kids, for the bad kids, for everyone in between. 

I’m here for the bad kids

For the ones who know the prescribed path they are supposed to follow.

And just can’t fuckin manage it.

Feeling angry and rebellious and now directing those feelings inward to your own defeat. Self-sabotaging. Imposter syndrome.

Feeling the shame of perfectionism and the paralysis of potential.

Lying to yourself that the way that's been laid out to you should be easy, that it will be easy, if you can just manage to FOLLOW IT GODDAMMNIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

You can come to me asking for my help following that path.

And I will agree to bring you down it.

But it is a lie. That was never how you were supposed to create. It will never be the way that you create. You are destined for a different way.

I will bring you to the thing you want in your own way. The way that actually fits you. I will show you how the way you do it is the way it’s done.

You will learn to measure success by the standard you represent. Not an idealized you, the YOU that you are and always have been.

I'm here for the good kids.

The ones who have been doing it right all along,

the ones who have "it" and still don't feel fulfilled.

You did everything right, but still there is something intangible that is missing.


You might say it is your authenticity, your personal authority.


It's easy for you to play by the rules that you know, but it seems like what you really want is on the other side of a playing field with no discernible rules.


Suddenly your rule-following skills feel woefully inadequate. Suddenly you need rule-figuring-out skills and you don't know where to develop them or how to know that you're on the right track for the ineffable thing that keeps tugging on you. 


The trial and error is driving you crazy, and you feel like you must be missing something but WHAT? What is it? You're exasperated trying to figure it out alone.


You weren't meant to learn it alone. Though you can succeed in following the template of another, that success won't make you belong.


We all must create our own belonging, we all must answer the call of our devotion, even when its object is indiscernible. We all must have guidance and help.


That's why I am here.

Holistic Self-Interest
Understand your whole self and devote to your wholeness. 

Holistic Self-Interest  is as far removed from shallow selfishness or hedonism as it is possible to be.

In Holistic Self-Interest, you understand all of what you need and crave in your human life, and you're able to own it and choose to prioritize or simply make peace with it.

Selfishness and hedonism are shallow because they seek experiences and circumstances based solely on your egoic value-system, without diving into a spiritual value-system.

It's tempting to want to create a utopia where there is no pain or suffering or risk, but that is subjective and outright impossible. The real utopia is all around you when you are able to agree with everything that happens.

A spiritual value-system honors the need for balance, which means it transcends human understandings of good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable.

With a spiritual value-system, you understand that life on earth is governed by physical principles, and that opposites create each other. Every birth creates a death, because everything that is born must eventually die.

You understand that you are here to have experiences, and that the experiences that are necessary will not always be pleasant from your current point of view, but they will always be part of a divine balance and they are preparing you to serve the world.

This value-system transcends all thoughts of what should or shouldn't be happening. Of course, knowing this, t's ok to still have those thoughts, because they are part of the experience.


Holistic Self-Interest says that if it is happening, I will learn and grow from it.

Holistic Self-Interest allows you to take full responsibility for your life because blame goes out the window. Blame says "it was wrong that this happened," which means that self-blame is pain layered with accusation that you caused yourself avoidable pain.

Responsibility says "this is the situation, what can I do now?" With this level of personal responsibility, you can create your life and embrace your role as the creator of your life. You can own that you are a person who craves experiences beyond the egoic value system of pleasurable versus painful.

You can leave all obligation behind, and in so doing, you can serve others far better than you could when you were beholden to do so. You can serve from a place of desire, choice, agency, and goodwill. From an understanding of holistic self-interest, you may also choose inaction as your service to others, knowing that each person has the same reality-acceptance available to them as you yourself have cultivated.

Pristine Containers
Giving yourself what it takes to actually heal. 

I will help you to craft a pristine container for your healing.

A pristine container is a temporary hold on all painful and inconvenient experiences in your life. It might mean that you pause a challenging relationship, take a sabbatical from your job, or decide to be celibate for a time.

The container is meant the same way a cast goes on a broken leg.

Is it important to exercise your leg after you've broken it? Of course! You can't stay off of it forever--your muscles would atrophy and you'd be worse off than before. But trying to exercise it before it heals will just do more and more damage.


So we put a cast on a broken leg for a time so that it is not subject to further injury, to create the conditions for healing to occur. When the broken bone heals under ideal conditions, it heals stronger than it was before, and then muscle regrowth can begin.

It works the same way in your emotional life. Because we tend to talk about emotions as though they're theoretical or somehow less real than physical reality, you might be in a belief system that pressures you to have more emotional strength and resilience than is realistic or possible.


You might continue to expose yourself to emotional upset from your already-fragile state and pile on the damage.


However, if you allow yourself the conditions to fully feel and process your emotional upset in a way that doesn't require you to be strong, you will heal as a more resilient being and find that you are ready for immense growth after that healing.

There is no correct speed for recovery, there is only the truth of whether or not you provide yourself the conditions to facilitate your healing.

When you work with me, I help you to see what you need through the fog of ideas about what you should need, what's reasonable, and what others need from you. We create all the pristine containers you need to FULLY heal and to understand your emotional experience as real, valid, and worthy of concrete action.

Allegiance to Yourself
Coming home to your center and self-standardizing. 

I pledge allegiance to myself...

This work will bring you into allegiance with yourself. Through our work together, you will develop a deep and kind understanding of yourself. You will develop the ability to work WITH yourself rather than fighting against parts of you so that other parts can feel successful.

Allegiance to yourself requires a holistic understanding and relationship to yourself. This relationship is based on knowing that what you are is important, how you feel is important, and what you do flows from your relationship to your own worth.

This work is about letting how you are be the standard for how you should be. It is self-standardizing.

For example:

The average person needs 8 hours of sleep. That's because some people need 4-6 hours and others need 10-12 hours. The amount of sleep you need is the amount of sleep YOU need, and judging and shaming your need for not being exactly the average doesn't help anyone, nor can it change your needs.

If you are a person who only needs 6 hours of sleep, trying to sleep 8 will make you feel like a failure. If you are a person who needs 10 hours of sleep, not getting by on 8 might lead you to believe you are depressed or not as functional or motivated as other people.

In allegiance to yourself, you acknowledge that the amount of sleep you need is only something you can know and honor, not something to compare or try to change. The amount of sleep YOU need is the standard to hold for yourself. 

When you begin to work with all of your needs as the standard, you can finally transcend into full nourishment, where the greatest version of you can come out to REALLY play.

Game Changer
How our work together can shift your experience of your life. 

Relationships Within


Imagine deeply trusting your intuition and your experience. 

Imagine using how you feel as the absolute standard for what you should do. 

There's no second-guessing, no overthinking, no judging or blaming or shaming yourself for what you're choosing and not choosing. 

There is only your serenity in each moment, your commitment to approve of what you're choosing for yourself in each moment. Imagine knowing that whatever you are doing in each moment is fulfilling your divine purpose. 

What would that feel like? Who could you be with that kind of peace and acceptance of yourself?

Romantic Relationship

Imagine dating that feels abundant, secure, and lighthearted. There's no stress about whether this one is "the one," because you know that you'll know when you feel your person. Because you are right on your own center.

Imagine a relationship that is easy, free, and connected. With little to no conflict or processing. A relationship based in mutual understanding, respect, and growth. There's no conflict because both of your needs, wants, and whims are effortlessly nourished through your commitment to yourselves and to peace.


Imagine that you are both willing to feel whatever each moment contains for you, and you are partners, never rivals, when you face challenges together. 

What would your relationships feel like without interruption from your wounding?

Spiritual Assurance

Imagine living in agreement with what is. Imagine changing the world through alchemy rather than fighting. 

What would life feel like if you were guided by faith in the known and the unknown, if you took comfort in the unknowable? 

What courage could you find if you trusted yourself in uncertainty, if safety were guaranteed? 

Commit to the Journey
The financial and energetic requirements, and how to say yes. 


6 Month Commitment

Working with me is a 6 month commitment, and it's a $6,000 investment.

This is not therapy. This work will not get you to be who you think you need to be. It will not help you fit into societal expectations. It will not pathologize you along clinical lines. This is not meant to address or improve your mental health.

This is a spiritual journey that will take you beyond your beliefs, beyond what you've been taught through a lifetime of conditioning, beyond adherence to social expectations and norms. It will take you beyond the idea that there could ever be anything wrong with you. It will bring you a life of relationships that work for you, starting with the relationships within you.

This is a journey into the perfection of now. A gateway to surrender and flow with all of life's offerings.

It takes six months because it will seep slowly into your body, the understanding that how you are is enough. We will pass over the same beliefs and values in a hundred different ways, subtly shifting your experience of your life.

You will transition gradually to a place where you can prioritize the experience you have in each moment, rather than learning concepts that will chorus in your head but remain out of your body's reach, out of your actual practice of being in the world.

We will meet each week for 45 minutes to 1 hour. On these calls we will discuss the challenges you're facing in terms of experiences, thoughts, circumstances, and relationships. I will listen, reflect, and offer reframing for your perspective. You will never be required to drop what you believe, only to consider whether additional beliefs might be equally true.

A reframe is a new context for an experience you continue to have. Like the old story of the hawk who knocks water out of his master's hands over and over again, putting the master in a murderous rage, only for the master to discover that the water is contaminated upstream by the dead body of a poisonous snake.


We don't know what we don't know, but sometimes that information can provide a completely new experience of the same circumstance. I provide expert reframes based in deep spiritual truth, channeling, and prophecy.

I may also recommend practices of investigation you can pursue between our calls to deepen your understanding of yourself and your current beliefs, mindset, and programming.

Through this gentle and gradual process, you will come to a deep understanding, and approval for yourself, and a durable alliance and allegiance to yourself and your needs.

My individual clients may also reach out to me at any time between our sessions via text. You get to know there is someone there to receive your experience, and as I have insights for you and time to share them, I will spot-coach you in that moment.

You can begin this journey by scheduling this 30 minute call that serves as a vibe-check and initial meeting. When that feels right, we will schedule a second call, up to 90 minutes long, where we will get clear on how you will show up and how I will serve you. At the end of that call, you will pay a deposit to establish a payment plan or pay in full to begin right away.

You will then receive an email of our agreement and reply that you agree and all is as you remember us discussing. The email will have an outline of your payment or plan, as well as links for you to begin scheduling your sessions right away.