Get potent, targeted coaching with Breakthrough Sessions

Three ways you can use Breakthrough Sessions to suit your precise needs:


Use a session to create a concise and loving script for a difficult conversation

Do you ever just wish you had a script for a difficult conversation before going in? Unfortunately it's really hard to script someone else. When you use a Breakthrough Session to describe the situation to me, I'm able to help you create communication that keeps you centered and grounded so you can be loving and direct. This session will infuse you with permission and confidence to speak your truth, as well as validation and celebration for your self-advocacy. 


This is a great use of a 15 or 30 minute session.


Receive Accountability

You're a person who wants to take responsibility for the situation you're in. You want to know how you are contributing to each dynamic in your life. 

But some are real puzzlers. 

You don't have to find the missing pieces alone.

When you use a session to get accountability, the first thing I'm going to ask is for you to tell me the story as if it's completely the other person's fault, or in a circumstance that is out of your control. This session will start silly and fun, you can expect a lot of laughter as we get very petty. At the end you'll leave feeling assertive and focused. This is the session to get you back in your lane without shame or self-blame. You'll leave with a plan for claiming your full power and influence over the experience you're having.

This is a great use of a 30 or 60 minute session.


Get Targeted Ongoing Support

Of course, you can book a session any time you're feeling like you need it. 

And sure, you can invest thousands of dollars for high-touch support from me in an individual container. 

But if you prefer small, dense doses of support, you can buy breakthrough sessions in packages and count on getting frequent infusions of support and love. 

For as little as $99-$297/month, you could have three support sessions throughout the month to keep you grounded and aligned with your own truth. 

Small tuning makes a huge difference in the long run, and this is a thrifty way to commit to yourself. 

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